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Banner Ad Program
Terms and Conditions


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How the program works

Venice Florida! dot com has available slots for advertisers in two page-header banner-ad slots.

The price
Venice Florida! dot com's standard package of banner ad positions are sold on an annual basis or on a quarter-year basis for a one-out-of-six page pull average placement. We also have packages for one-out-of-four and one-out-of-twelve page pull placements (see rate card at the bottom of this page).

Any purchased banner ad will be shown site-wide, meaning it will appear on all pages in the main site as well as on the three reader-generated message boards.


Clean links
Your site is linked to with a "clean link," meaning the reader is taken away from Venice Florida! dot com and into your site without opening up a pop-up or new browser window. Clean linking means the reader is more likely to look at something besides your front page.

This is an important distinction -- most dirty links (pop-ups or opening up a new browser window) result in the reader backing out of your site quickly. Many sites offer only dirty links -- they want readers to stay on their site. We want readers to stay too, but you are paying for redirected traffic, not annoying pop-ups or new browser windows.

Banner ads generated by Venice Florida! dot com for competing businesses will not be shown simultaneously. Real estate sales ads are not considered to be competitive with real estate rental ads. Venice Florida! dot com also carries advertising that is generated by Google from Google's servers. Venice Florida! dot com, by contract with Google, has no control over the content of ads served on the site by Google.


Ad rotation
The banner ad selection server program works on a randomization algorithm that uses the web reader's computer's internal clock as the initialization number.

For starters, you clicked on a banner ad to get to this page.

Locals and out-of-towners read the web, and when they search for info on Venice, this is one of the first sites they find and visit. Out-of-towners are especially targeted on the web, as they will rarely see local ads in print media available to them.

The content on Venice Florida! dot com is lively, entertaining and informative, which is exactly what web readers want. Moreover, the web audience is expanding while print media's audience is shrinking.

Venice Florida! dot com is very much in-tune with its core targeted audience -- the traffic on our Message Board and our Real Estate Classifieds is prime proof.

You may agree or disagree with viewpoints expressed on this site, but the plain fact is that we reach readers -- lots of 'em and highly educated ones at that.

You too can reach this targeted and motivated audience with one of the most inexpensive ad buys in this market. Call us today!

Interested? Contact us today!

Now that we've thoroughly confused you, here's the simpler version:

Every web browser sends out a request for a web page in order to download the page to the reader's screen. Included in that request is the time on the reader's computer. Our ad server code takes that time in the page request, breaks it into seconds, then divides the seconds by the total number of ads available (currently, that number is 12 for each slot). There will be a remainder (in this case from 0 to 11), and that remainder number determines which ad will be shown on any given web page pull. Thus, every single banner ad has a 1 out of 12 chance at being shown on any given web page that is viewed. By putting an ad into two different positions, the odds are reduced to 1 out of 6 page pull requests. Three position placements give a 1 out of 4 chance.

With just a few such ad requests, the results would be eventually skewed in favor of one or another ad slot. However, over the course of thousands of page pull requests, any skewing is reduced to the point of being non-existent.


We bypass ad-blocking software
Since Venice Florida! dot com does not employ the industry standard type of ad server, an interesting phenomena occurs: many ad-blocking software packages do not recognize our banner ads as ads. This is a decidedly low-tech approach that has a distinct advantage because it is low-tech -- your ads will be seen by many readers who are bypassed on other web sites due to the site's coding.


Traffic reports
Detailed traffic reports on Venice Florida! dot com's main site are available to advertisers upon request at no charge. These reports are generated hourly and show traffic on the site from the beginning of any given month. The reports are wiped at the end of each month. We do not have the same detailed traffic reports available for the message board and the two classifieds boards at this time, however we do get traffic data daily from Google on the boards.

Your own server logs will be able to tell you how much traffic is generated from your ad on Venice Florida dot com -- contact your webmaster to have this feature enabled.

Rate Card
Banner ads on Venice Florida! dot com
(# Ad impressions)
out of (# page pulls) *
Annual rateQuarterly rate
1 out of 12$600$175
1 out of 6$1,000$280
1 out of 4$1,600$600
All banner ads appear on Venice Florida! dot com and its three discussion boards

*Based on randomization formula
coded within the web site


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