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Venice Florida! dot com Feature Articles:

Venice Florida! dot com

Stories from
 previous years:

2002 and before


2010 & 2011:

Serianni v City of Venice, Day 2 & 3
Police Chief Tom McNulty describes former chief as "crazy;" thuggery and villainy abounds behind tarnished shields
-Venice City Hell, 08/09/12

Serianni v City of Venice, Day 1
This lawsuit is to this administration what the Sunshine Law lawsuit was to Ed Martin
-- Venice City Hell, 08/07/12

Ex-city official Hans Behrens admits embezzling $13,000 from Building Officials Association of Florida
BOAF has not yet reported the theft to law enforcement
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 11/14/11

The lies of Greg Giles
Boone-run newspaper Venice Gondolier is running scared and inventing scandals -- Venice Florida! dot com exposes and breaks down the Gondo's fabrications
-- John Patten, Venice Florida! dot com, 11/02/11

Patten's answers to platform questionairre from Venice United
A bit of self-serving self-promotion and political posing
"Vote for me and I'll set you free!!!" -- The Temptations, Ball Of Confusion
-- Venice Florida! dot com, republished 10/17/11

Non-partisanship questioned by dummies who don't understand campaign laws
Sherman, who wants to be a lawmaker, can't figure out how to obey or understand campaign laws, but he wants everyone to obey his invented laws
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/24/11

Sherman has permission to pad his resume from Circus Arts Foundation
Exec Director Bevington dances around question of whether Sherman was ever an actual board member
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/17/11

Sherman's campaign treasurer is CQG's blogger, Wick Headed Woman
Andrea Cooper, aka Wick Headed Woman, also maintained and edited Winston Wilmore's attack site
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/12/11

Lt. Rose gets a pass from Ethics Commission for going to second job while on duty at Venice Police station
Former interim-Chief Dave Dunaway falls on a very dull sword, Ethics Commission says everything looks good to them
--Venice Florida! dot com, 09/21/11

reprint from 2008, still true today:
Woodley should be dropped from consideration for city manager gig
Nancy Woodley consistently fails at giving straight answers, plus there's a conflict of interest in the Hans Behrens investigation. How much would you pay for all this? But wait, there's more: that pesky admission by the city last year that Woodley violated federal labor laws by engaging in discriminatory employment practices
-- Venice Florida! dot com, reprinted from 07/21/08

Police chief list down to 31 candidates
Police advisory selection board excludes citizens and their input into the process at this crucial stage
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 02/18/11

Awww jeez, ya gotta be kidding me
That crazy-assed Julie Williams wants to be Venice's police chief... again...
Dear Julie:
When someone is really and truly insane, that someone is usually the last to know. Ya gotta trust us on this one, kid: you are really and truly insane. Seriously. We're not kidding. You need help. Now please go away.
Sincerely yours,
The City of Venice, Florida
-- rejection letter dated 02/11/11, city hall document (1 page, PDF, pops in new window)

Daniels' bogus separation agreement for Isaac Turner
Apparently operating under the assumption that he is God or better, councilman Bob Daniels dumped this document on City Manager Isaac Turner; Daniels offered $111,000 of city's money to Turner to go away and be quiet; sure nobody else on council knew in advance, that's totally believable
-- 4 pages, public record PDF, posted to the web on 01/25/11

FDLE drops Venice Florida! dot com taping case, states ex-Chief Williams had no expectation of privacy
Remember when we posted audio files (link to original story and audio) of then-Police Chief Julie Williams bragging that she had more power than the President of the United States? Yeah, well, turns out that Williams was exaggerating just a bit
-- buried Venice Police Department memo, dated 10/18/10, leaked and posted to the web 01/22/11

Gondo's Giles copies Herald-Trib article on police chief applicants... including the mistakes
Seven have expressed interest in police chief job -- gentlemen, start your Googles
-- Venice City Hall Hell (blog), 12/20/10

Officer formally accuses City Manager, interim Police Chief Dunaway of retaliatory actions and criminal acts for complaining about hostile work environment
In a nine-page document, beleaguered police Officer Demitri Serianni exhaustively documents how the department and City Manager Isaac Turner have violated city policies and the law in an effort to duct tape the mouths of officers who complained to Turner about former chief Julie Williams.
-- Venice City Hall Hell (blog), 12/10/10

Budway self-destructs, flies plane into Taxpayers League in attempt to avoid hostile takeover by former board members -- VTL re-births itself in spite of Budway's sabotage
After his entire Board of Directors resigned to protest Budway's idiotic mismanagement, a group of former board members, including the late Herb Levine, had engineered a hostile takeover by demanding Budway's resignation under threat of legal consequences -- Budway freaked out, called the former board "a bunch of flakes," then tried to destroy the League in act of political terrorism, ending his childish tirade by blaming the entire world for ganging up against him; unfazed, former board members start re-incorporation process
-- Venice City Hall Hell (blog), 12/08/10

Police chief's golden parachute contract -- city trades money for silence
-- PDF, 4 page unsigned public document, posted 11/10/10
City Attorney Bob Anderson loses... yet again for the umpteenth time

City's short-term rental ordinance is ruled unconstitutional
Judge Charles Roberts rules that the city's ban on weekly rentals amounts to an unconstitutional 'taking'
-- PDF, 9 page court ruling, posted 11/08/10

Jeffy Gates' moist pants
Dogged by lawsuits and a failing campaign, the husband of council candidate Jeanette Gates starts posting his political rants on city hall's email servers and pees all over his own leg in the process
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/29/10

A letter to John Holic
Sir, we have caught you fibbing ...again
-- Venice City Hall Hell (blog), 10/27/10

Holic claims he warned bilked investors... not so, says one of Christensen's victims
-- Venice City Hall Hell (blog), 10/28/10

CQG's ethical meltdown:
Holic denies having a rogue agent under him in A.G. Edwards' fraud case; Jeanette Gates has two separate lawsuits against her totaling $880,000; Bob Daniels takes campaign advice from his good friends -- disgraced ex-politicos Dean Calamaras and Earl Midlam
Dan Boone's drones are spinning out of control with less than a week to go before the election
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/27/10

Mayoral race: We endorse Marshall Happer
2nd choice pick: Harry Walia;
Scares the crap out of us: CQG pick John Holic
and the tale of fraud at A.G. Edwards
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/25/10

Chief Williams secretly worked, accepted pay from Venice Police vendor
In 2006, Williams inked a deal with Michigan-based Empco to provide hiring and promotion testing services for Venice Police Department; problem: she was already on their payroll and, according to Empco boss John Higgins, she still is; this is, of course, all in direct violation of Florida law
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 10/19/10

Police Chief Williams "I have more power than the President of the United States"
Leaked audio from in-house bugging shows that the city's top cop is nuttier than Jimmy Carter's farmland
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 09/19/10

Serianni lawsuit blasts city manager, police chief as corrupt, inept, and involved in massive cover-ups
Civil complaint filed in Federal Court this morning; when asked earlier today if Turner still supports the chief, Turner refused to support Williams
-- court filing, PDF, 23 pages, posted 09/01/10

In her own words:
Chief Williams explains why Lieutenant Mike Rose was going to his private business while on duty at the VPD

While there is absolutely no documentation that backs up any of her claims, Williams goes out on a limb; in the process, the chief throws Rose and Captain Dave Dunaway under a very large bus

-- Venice Florida! dot com, 07/07/10

ofiles in Dumbassity:
How to start a war with the media that you are guaranteed to lose
Isaac Turner sends an ill-thought email that will haunt him for the rest of his career here as city manager; sorry, Isaac, but it now officially sucks to be you
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 07/06/10

FOP is unified in joyous support of police administration; anyone who disagrees will be made to shut the hell up
FOP press release describes one big happy family, but other info available online tells of the ongoing bloody civil war within the department
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 07/01/10

City clerk and city attorney playing games by hiding public records? Hell, they've been doing that for ages -- FROM DECEMBER, 2003:
Whistleblower's attorney threatens legal action, city tries to hide attorney's letter behind loophole in open records laws
-- a Venice Florida! dot com classic article

Venice Police: Who gave Lt. Mike Rose permission to double dip and how much double dipping did he do?
Chief Williams isn't answering these questions, so we had to find out using leaked documents -- according to our findings, Rose owes the city one hell of a big check
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 06/26/10

Attorney for "disgruntled" officer accuses Chief Williams of making false statements to council, creating a hostile work environment, more....
This opens up a political nightmare, not only for Williams, but for her staunch supporters, like outgoing Mayor Ed Martin and City Manager Isaac Turner
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 06/24/10

Venice 911, the sitcom:

Bathroom audio tapes? Yeah, we'd like to hear them too
Ya know, ya just can't make stuff like this up... The fun never stops with our wacky police chief and her close group of friends that help her run the department; the big question now is: Can she keep council laughing into the fall election season when the ratings really count
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 06/22/10

Chief Williams accused by officer of admitting to bugging the bathrooms at VPD
Audio bugs in the crapper? Criminal investigations into this web site and Kim Hackett at the Herald-Tribune? City Manager and the mayor still strongly supporting a chief that has left the reservation? All this and it's only Monday?
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 06/21/10

FOP vote of confidence bombs on itself as police support of Chief Williams drops to the ground
Turns out the number of unhappy coppers is quite a bit higher than the one or two disgruntled employees that the chief and the mayor keep talking about -- 40% of the department doesn't support the chief or her new replacement good 'ol boy network
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 06/13/10

Dr. Ritcey destroyed police survey notes, claims he was never told by city to retain them
Which would explain why City Manager Isaac Turner has changed his story and is now claiming that he told employees that their words would be confidential
-- Venice Florida! dot com blog, 05/27/10

Police admin to troops: "Do something" (?) to Patten
You have got to be farking kidding me
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 05/26/10

Lt. Mike Rose and the Mahi Mac Bait Shop
A simple public records request; look for the chief to spontaneously combust in 3... 2... cover your ears... NOW!
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 05/26/10

Mayor used hidden private Hotmail account to issue support for Chief Williams
Didn't we go down this road once before?
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 05/24/10

A plethora of bizarre recent public records
Police Chief Julie Williams is teetering on the brink of sanity, City Manager Isaac Turner is convinced that Venice has a better track record on the Sunshine Law than the First Amendment Foundation, and the firefighters union wants to provide the ambulance service when we all start opening fire on each other -- so basically at city hall, it's Situation Normal, All........
-- compiled by Venice Florida! dot com, 05/20/10

Council, police chief set to violate Sunshine Law
Actually, you can fix stupid -- you send it packing
-- Venice Florida! dot com, posted 05/20/10

Welcome to Venice, your crack and heroin headquarters on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast
City hall, police department hit on a brilliant out-of-the-box idea to bring in tourists: unregulated free trade in illegal drugs -- if you never knew what genius is, this is it
-- video, YouTube, from city council meeting of 05/11/10

Has the Venice Police Department over-managed itself into law enforcement irrelevance?
By failing to balance the need for public safety against its cannibalistic appetite for eating itself, the Venice Police Department, under the leadership of Chief Julie Williams, is becoming a danger to the very public it is supposed to be protecting
-- Venice Florida! dot com, 05/04/10


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