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Bookmark this page -- this same page is used every hurricane season to track any and all tropical storms that could possibly threaten Venice and surrounding areas

Tropical Storm Bertha
The links below are preset to auto-update to the very latest available online information; if the info isn't here yet, it isn't online yet

Official sources

Latest projected path of Bertha from NOAA -- this and more maps can be found in the links below

NOAA text files updated every three hours
NWS text files updated as needed
NOTE: NWS watches and warnings for Venice are issued by the NWS bureau in Ruskin, Florida

bulletAdvisory: Bertha
bulletStorm discussion: Bertha
bulletStrike probabilities: Bertha
bulletTechnical advisory: Bertha
bulletTropical discussion: all storms
bulletInternational advisories: all storms
bulletHurricane, tornado and flood watches: all storms
bulletHurricane, tornado and flood warnings: all storms
bulletNWS - misc. info


Updated every three hours

bulletAdvertencia: Bertha
bulletCondiciones en el tropico: todas las tormentas


Updated every six hours
Note: NOAA can run as much as an hour and a half late on getting their advisory graphics online

bullet3-day advisory (map): Bertha
bullet5-day extended advisory (map): Bertha
bulletStorm force wind speed probabilities (map): Bertha
bulletWind swaths history (map): Bertha
bulletWind speed forecast probabilities (chart): Bertha
bullet1-minute wind speed probabilities (map): Bertha


Updated every half-hour
Note: Times imprinted on NOAA's satellite photos are in UTC time, which is 4 hours ahead of EDT. To get EDT time, take the shown UTC time and subtract 4 hours.

bulletMost recent satellite photo: Bertha
bulletReal time satellite photo loop (animation): Bertha
bulletMost recent satellite shortwave photo: Bertha
bulletReal time satellite shortwave photo loop (animation): Bertha


Updated every 15-30 minutes, usually
Note: These include still pics and animation loops -- play around with the buttons on the left side of the screen; these are also in UTC time (see above, "NOAA photos," for explanation)

bulletLatest image from National Weather Service radar in Tampa, Florida
bulletLatest image from National Weather Service radar in Melbourne, Florida
bulletLatest image from National Weather Service radar in Key West, Florida


bulletDirectly above, looking down into the eye: Wilma (2005)
bulletDesktop wallpaper, showing Florida in the background: Ivan (2004)
bulletPics from the International Space Station, courtesy of NASA: Frances (2004)


bulletCurrent hurricane emergency disaster info


bulletCounty press release page
bulletEvacuation routes
bulletStorm surge map with evacuation routes
bulletPrioritized hurricane shelter list


bulletCity press release page

Media sources

Latest  projected path of Bertha from The Weather Channel -- this and more maps can be found in the links below

bulletThe Weather Channel -- Overall storm coverage
bulletWeather Underground -- Overall storm coverage
bulletHurricane City -- live audio and video feeds, web cams, etc.; a kind of cheesy, kind of cool resource site


bulletThe Weather Channel -- 5-day projected path: Bertha
bulletWeather Underground -- 5-day projected path: Bertha
bulletWeather Underground -- 5-day computer model projection comparison (includes NOGAPS): Bertha -- arguably the best mapped images on the web that help in placing hurricane graphics info into a realistic and understandable context


bulletWWSB-TV Channel 40 -- Weather (opens in new window) / WFLA-TV Channel 8 -- Hurricane Weather Center


bulletLet's all congratulate Ernesto on his recent promotion to hurricane
bulletWilma and Alpha may assemble to form larger storm; projected name: Hurricane Voltron
bulletFlorida lighthouse can't take the hurricane tension anymore, decides to punch its own ticket
bulletUse of nuclear warhead to blow up hurricanes shelved
bulletFlorida man says he can stop Hurricane Ivan
bulletTerrorist cow takes out gasoline tanker on Frances evacuation route


In order to make sure your computer is allowing you to read the very latest info
and see the very latest pics at their correct size (at all web sites you visit), you should make two very simple changes in your Internet Explorer settings:

1.) Set your browser to check for new data on "Every Visit to the Page" -- follow the easy instructions in "Adjusting How Often to Update" from Microsoft.

2.) Turn off Internet Explorer's automatic image resizing -- click here for easy instructions from Microsoft.







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